Monday 20 May 2013

Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

So you’ve secured an interview for the job of your dreams. Preparation is key. Make sure that you have researched the company thoroughly, read all you can on the internet about them and I don’t mean just their website – Google, twitter, facebook & trade press are good places to start. Mention any recent news articles about them that you have seen such as new contracts, new senior staff or an increase in profits. Ensure that you have read the menu thoroughly, read trip advisor reviews to get a feel for the service and customers.

First impressions count, it’s essential sure that you dress smartly, if you are due for a working trial arrive in a suit and take your whites with you. Be confident even though you may not feel it, shake hands and use the interviewer’s name.

Be sure to take with you any references you have from past employers/college lecturers/work experience. Take any certificates you have, take a copy of your CV in case the interviewer hasn’t a copy to hand, take confirmation of the interview with you to ensure that you don’t forget the interviewers name as interviews can cause panic. It is also a good idea to take any pictures of your food either from work or home and also any sample menus from your current job are also very useful to give the employer an idea of the dishes you are used to preparing and can be a good talking point to make both parties relaxed.

If possible do a trial run so you know how much time you need, sit in the bar for a drink or even have a meal to get a feel of the venue – mention this at interview, the interviewer should be impressed. Get a list of questions to ask, write them down there is nothing wrong with this and will show the interviewer that you have done your research. (A list of sample interview questions are available from Caterek, if you’d like a copy please email us be sure not to ask about days off, holidays or pay at this stage though.

Above all show enthusiasm, arrive on time, be polite, be friendly and after the interview, remember to thank everyone drop the interviewer or your recruitment consultant an email that day to reiterate your interest.

Good luck!

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